I'm stalling. I'm procrastinating. I'm tweaking. I'm putzing around.

It's time to commit to Release Early, Release Often for once.

So, here it is. The "launch" of 0xDECAFBAD.com, my attempt at opening up the process, my process, in order to get some impetus to actually get a few of these things done.

Thus far, I've been working out of my own little cathedral cloister, spinning away at projects and technologies that never see the light of day, no matter how cool they are. But damn it, I'm tired of the old pattern, over and over again: Never being satisfied to release what I'm working on, only to see someone else release their own version of the Cool Thing, while I abandon my work to a discouraged oblivion.

And I do think I'm clever, and I do think I have a few cool ideas. Now it's time to put it out there and get made fun of.

So... welcome. Come on in.