It feels good to have my secret laboratory finally out in the open on the web, for all that I haven't had time to do much with it yet. Maybe I'll make a few releases tonight.

Over the past few days, amongst an unusual amount of social activity, I've been working on MailToRSS, and XmlRpcToWiki for TWiki and maybe UseModWiki.

Of course, as I'm working on that, I'm tossing around the idea of trashing my TWiki installation for a MoinMoin installation. Why? Because I'm starting to really dig Python, because MoinMoin is written in Python, and beyond that the design of MoinMoin seems very well thought out. Whereas TWiki seems a bit "evolutionary," to be charitable. :) I'm not sure yet. One good offshoot of this is that I thought of another idea to throw on my project list: WikiWikiBridge. Granted, I might never do it, but the whole point of this site is to just get all the ideas out there and see which survive and grow, rather than sitting on them because of my perfectionist tendencies.

Also, right now I'm attempting to use Simon Kittle's TextRouter app to post to my MovableType blog on It seems awfully similar to what I want to do with WeblogMulticaster, and I'd even considered renaming that idea to something "Router" before I saw Simon's app. One of the big differences is that my WeblogMulticaster would be headless, assuming a semi-stupid BloggerAPI GUI program on the user's end, and taking care of all the "text routing" in a remote server or a DesktopWebAppServer installation. But, although rough around the edges right now, and not quite usable under MacOsX at the moment, it might be something I'll try hacking around with first. It's mostly a matter of where the intelligence lies: In the GUI app, or in a desktop server ala RadioUserland.

Anyway, to bring this babble to a close and full circle: I'm thinking of starting my DesktopWebAppServer project as a sort of alongside companion for RadioUserland. I could implement probably all of these things within Radio in ?UserTalk & etc, but I don't like it. I'm liking Python much better lately.

So, it would start out as a companion, and then maybe eventually be a full replacement and competitor for Radio. Maybe. Then again, I might be just lazy enough to decide to stick to complementing and not replacing Radio features, especially after I bought it. So Radio can post to a the WeblogMulticaster in my DesktopWebAppServer project with the BloggerAPI, and then the WeblogMulticaster can take it from there.

Oh and finally, where I want to go with the WeblogMulticaster and the XmlRpcToWiki is to filter weblog entries through whatever wiki engine I'm using. For example: You see all the links in this blog entry? Done by hand. Yes I'm that nuts. Mostly, I just wanted to be thorough in connecting this entry with the wiki on the site and to see how difficult it would be. This motivates me to make a WeblogMulticaster that talks to the XmlRpcToWiki. For a current discussion on this sort of weblog/wiki integration I want, look here: MeatballWiki:WikiLog.

Alright... back to work.