Prof Avery writes:

Bad enough that the IM blog idea isn't new, the 0xDECAFBAD guy beat me to "404 Correction" in a Personal HTTP Proxy via Google's Cache.

Oh well, guess there's only one thing for me to do: quit whining and write the code...

So I'm the 0xDECAFBAD guy now, eh? Hee-hee.

Well, I haven't gotten around to writing the proxy yet, so you can beat me to that still. :) I've had a metric ton of good and sometimes new ideas throughout my relatively short life, but I have a habit of not getting very many of them done. That's where it counts, not necessarily in the novelty of the idea.

I mean... just look at Microsoft.


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  • Oops. I would have responded sooner but somehow I missed this post. Forgive me, I was in a mood. Here's an update: I've written a small proxy server or two in Perl for debugging, but I'd rather use someone else's proxy code. If this thing works, I'd use it full-time, so best to start with something that's production-ready. I played with Squid thinking I could use a redirector but that only seems to modify requests, not responses. Apparently what I want is a "reverse proxy," which they're still working on. So now I'm thinking either Apache with mod_proxy and mod_perl or a personal proxy server like Muffin. If anyone has thoughts, I'd like to hear them. I'm gonna write this code eventually, I swear :-)