Is it just me, or is it pretty damn ironic that Mac OS X: The Complete Reference is available in Acrobat eBook Reader format, yet the Acrobat eBook Reader is not available for MacOSX?

Yes, I'm bitter. And stupid. While I didn't buy the MacOSX reference, I did buy a book in eBook Reader format. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Can't read it now. Bastards. And no returns on eBooks. Crooks! Mental note: Next time remember to buy books whose only compatibilty requirements are sight and literacy. Unless I decide to learn braille or go for audio books, that is.


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  • Not to encourage copyright violations, but this seems to be a fair use of ElcomSoft's Advanced Ebook processor. If you can find a PC to run *that* on, you can create a PDF to read on your Mac.