Well, it doesn't look like I'm getting the new Java-based PersonalWebProxy code released last week or soon this week, but if you'd like something to poke fun at, try this...

BookmarkBlogger - a quick hack for Safari users to generate blog entries from bookmark folders.

Hope it's useful, bet it's ugly, but it was fun in the making.


Archived Comments

  • Heya. Running into stumbling blocks or just getting distracted?
  • Mostly just distraction and at-work/at-home business. That, and the urge to fix just that "one last thing" before I let anyone have it. But I think by this weekend, I'll make the mess available, no matter what shape it's in.
  • I'm slow and stupid. Suppose that I'm running Mac OSX, want to start up a blosxom installation on my office machine at http://www.j-bradford-delong.net/cgi-bin/blosxom.cgi (with blosxom text files in what the office machine sees as: /Library/Webserver/Documents/blosxom). I then remotely mount the office machine's hard disk on my own laptop (at, I think, "/Volumes/Office Hard Disk".) I then want to use Bookmark blogging from Safari to put stuff from my bookmarks into the blosxom remote directory. What, exactly, are the path arguments that go with java -jar BookmarkBlogger.jar ? Brad DeLong
  • I think this is what you'd need: java -jar BookmarkBlogger.jar "BLOG BOOKMARKS" "/Users/{yourusername}" "/Volumes/Office Hard Disk/Library/Webserver/Documents/blosxom" Just make sure to fill in the "yourusername". Extra credit points to anyone to hacks this to use a proper config file :)
  • Is it just mine, or did this break with the java update from apple this week? It worked when i first test, pre update. But after runing the update, it hasn't worked, but its not giving any errors or anything. I even deleted the seen file, so it should have picked up everything. But nothing happens. Any ideas?
  • Scratch that, a reboot and its working like a charm.