Not much to see here yet, but I've burnt down my old weblog and replaced it with this. Planning to start out simple and gradually re-introduce features from the previous incarnation very slowly and carefully. I've enjoyed many of the toys I've piled on top of this blog, but its time to revise and simplify.

I've also been thinking of expanding the focus around here a bit: Up until now, this place has just been the home of my nerdy brane dumps. But, I'd like to entertain the notion of opening the place up to more of my writing. Assuming, that is, that I can reacquaint myself with certain muses and notions of free time and management thereof.

I really appreciate every reader of this site, though, so I've tried to minimize the impact of changes. Broken links are bad. Links to individual blog entries from the old site should redirect themselves to their newly converted counterparts. And, no matter what new trash I start publishing here, the old RSS feed will continue to show mostly nerdy brane dumps. Should you want to follow any expanded content I start to spew here, you'll need to update your links and subscriptions. It's up to you.

Anyway, thanks for reading, bear with me, and wish me luck.


Archived Comments

  • The RSS feeds seem somewhat borked, the index one points to all 404's (permalinks are also wrong on comment pages) and contains an extra 'items' element, while the e.g. the "links" feed contains waaayyy too many nested items/rdf:Seq... Other than that, it looks really nice!
  • Keep up the good work & good luck with Agent Frank!
  • Anyway, the new look is very nice, much less cluttered and easier to read. Good luck...