Just added a small script to the bottom of my weblog to run a scroll.

Not only that, but you added a scroller to my news aggregator page, too! :) Gah. While not as dramatic as Platypus Day, it does have me adding an item to my TODO list to more safely consume RSS in my aggregator. I feel like I'm tooling around the blogosphere with my pants off.

And, it makes me want to get back to working on AgentFrank, so I can insert some filters to block JavaScript code that hijacks my status bar. Bah. No offense, since the message itself is worth attention, but scrollers are so... 1998.

Update: And, John Robb has removed the scroller. Thanks! I still need to look into securing my aggregator though. Whether I like status bar scroller or not, my news aggregator should keep them out anyway. shortname=added_a_scroll