I want a quickie posting theme like Strongbad's rap about answerin' the emails.

  • And then, I realize that I've heard The Bobs before. In particular, it was from when I used to listen to the Dr. Demento Show and heard their song "My, I'm Large". Now, that takes me back.
  • I just helped my friend Erik (aka We3bus) get The Biofeedback Blog up and running for his company with WordPress 1.5--I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with it. It was a gigantic pain in the ass, since we ran into problems with damn near every component of the setup, from MySQL to IIS to WordPress itself. Granted, this is a bit of a non-typical install, but damn... Anyway, check them out.
  • A comment from Jason Clark makes me think a little more about ideas I've had about customized feeds to offer here for the next refresh. I've gotten on a run posting political links because, well, I've got some very definite opinions about our current situation--but you might not care about that. Was thinking that I might offer a mix-your-own-feed form where you can pick and choose from kinds of posts and tags I'll be using. The proper place for this is in the aggregator, but it could be a fun project for the book.

Archived Comments

  • Les, what kind of problems did you run into with WordPress? There is a login/redirection problem on IIS (due to an IIS bug) that we're aware of. There will be a 1.5.1 release coming out soon with a workaround. Details can be found here: http://mosquito.wordpress.org/view.php?id=592 http://www.simmonsconsulting.com/wordpress/?p=160
  • Dougal: Actually, that's was the problem we had-- which, now that I think about it again, is much more a bug with IIS than with WordPress. We hacked WP in a few places, but the dot-release to fix things properly will certainly be more than welcome!
  • ...and this was the issue we had with MySQL, involving OLD_PASSWORD: http://drbacchus.com/wordpress/index.php?p=896
  • Okay, I just wanted to make sure that you didn't run across any other issues that we weren't already aware of. If you *do*, please post a bug report: http://mosquito.wordpress.org/main_page.php