• Okay, so let me get this straight: The fact that Canada exercised it's sovereignty in refusing to join up with us on the brain-dead missile defence plan means that it's reliquished its sovereignty. Double-speak and bullies, hooray! Somehow, I think this sort of thing makes us the target of more missiles than Canada--and keeping US military assets out of your country seems like a better missile defense to me.
  • Just heard an awesome mashup on Adam Curry's Daily Source Code podcast, Seether by Veruca Salt VS. Don't Go by Yazoo.

  • Oh, and speaking of podcasts. My pet peeve:

    For the love of Bob please watch your audio levels!!!

    Is there anyway everyone could take some cues from radio and maybe try to agree on a decibel level common between podcasts? And maybe even within the same podcast? I mean, maybe this is where the thousands of dollars of equipment in a studio comes in handy, with compressors and such, but there's gotta be something to be done.

Archived Comments

  • Audio levels are hard. On LugRadio (www.lugradio.org) we used to have all sorts of issues with the sound balancing. The reason it's now fixed is that we use the not-very-cheap Cubase SX for mixing. While I take your point entirely, saying "you've gotta pony up a lot of money for decent mixing software" raises the bar to podcasting enormously. It's be like only allowing weblogging with a paid-for TypePad subscription. I wish there was Free software to do this, but there isn't, really; I mean, we're a Linux radio show and we're not doing it...
  • Many free/cheap recording packages these days come with software compressors. It's just a matter of educating people on how to use them.
  • For normalizing sound levels between podcasts, ReplayGain (e.g. mp3gain, vorbisgain) would be a useful standard. I've been meaning to add that to Audacity someday.