• You know, episodes of the new Doctor Who seem so short, after having gotten used to story arcs spread across multiple episodes. Lovely baby-faced aliens, though.

  • I was a little afraid that, after installing Tiger, I might not be able to use MS Word. On the contrary, it seems to be working even vaster faster (update: oops, Freudian slip) and better than it was under Panther!

  • New Quicksilver for Tiger. Catalog fed by saved spotlight searches, hooray!

  • I think I'm really going to like mdfind and mdls, even more so than the GUI support for Spotlight. (Although, you can do raw queries in the GUI.) Poking around, I just noticed this little bit of metadata captured on files downloaded with Safari, found via mdls:
    kMDItemWhereFroms              = (
    I can't wait until third-party apps like Path Finder and Quicksilver do a better job with the end-user interface on Spotlight's underpinnings than Apple's first offering.

Archived Comments

  • I did not read the entire MacSlash thread, but I just downloaded Tiger for Tiger: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=301073
  • Java 1.5 was released early on Friday for 10.4. Just because it wasn't in the box doesn't mean it's not available. :P http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/java2se50release1.html
  • I thought the same thing about the new Doctor Who so I looked up the first few seasons of Tom Baker and was surprised to see that most of the stories were four episodes (the equivalent of two episodes in the new longer format). http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/doctorwho/episodeguide/index_fourth.shtml The total length of episodes is actually shorter than what we are getting in the current season. Supposedly we are getting two more two part stories in the rest of the season, that will put us on par with the first Baker season (Robot, The Ark in Space, and Revenge of the Cybermen). The Sontaran Experiment was only two episodes, the equivalent of one current episode. Typically only one story per season was six episodes (like Genesis of the Daleks) and that is where we are going to come up short in the current season.