A few featured bullets from over on my other blog:

  • I am, of course, a hopeless neophile. I believe it's the only correct orientation toward the future, especially the future as it looks from here.
  • Ed says that OPML isn't caught by Spotlight on OS X. Hmm, I know how to make Spotlight plugins. I should add that to my Maybe Do list.
  • It'll take me awhile to get down to that Maybe Do list, though, since I've got book chapter deadlines as a steady drumbeat on through until mid-March that leave me just a sliver of time for side-hacking in the meantime.
  • Also, Ed: If you're still having trouble assigning links to blogroll items, I'm wondering if you've tried right-clicking / control-clicking on an outline node triangle? There should be a context menu offering "Add Link..." as an option. That'll spawn a dialog you can use to add or modify a URL associated with an outline node.
  • By the way, is anyone else back to using the Instant Outliner these days? My IO is here. Apologies in advance though: I'm still trying to work out quite what to use it for, or if the stuff there really belongs somewhere else. I used to have an IO a few years ago, but drifted away from the habit.