Actually, I have been doing quite a bit. here's a quick update:

  • I had a go at doing something cool with CommentsInRadioUserland, but I don't think very many people noticed my hacky iframe tricks before a more elegant solution was baked into Radio. Well, I thought it was cool. :)
  • I released the XmlRpcToWiki for two Wikis, TWiki and ?UseModWiki. I'm aiming for MoinMoin next, and I might even be nutty and convert from TWiki to MoinMoin for usage here.
  • Started doing the dogfood thing and have been using MailToRSS (based on Caffinate) on a daily basis in my Radio UserLand feed. Seems pretty useful. Going to clean a few things up, upload some files, and bump those two projects up into the "Available" category and make a release.
  • I ripped the Wiki's style-sheet off and went back to plain old, unadulterated default style. I might try again with a few tweaks, but best to let wikis be.
  • Thinking I'm going to set aim on the WeblogMulticaster next.
I'll have more to write soon. shortname=oooobh