Tweaking around some fonts, layout, etc. Silly me, I've been looking at all of this in Mozilla and haven't touched IE in a week or two. It wasn't pretty when I checked it out there. If anyone ran screaming from this site in funky horror after looking at it in IE, I offer my apologies. Now if only I can get MT to stop doing funky things with apostrophes.

Working on the site design itself more, stripped away the frames (MT's pings to didn't like 'em anyway), having more SSI fun, and generally trying to clean up the second level pages of the site (ie. individual story pages, etc.) Next, I should be making pages to each individual category, if I can figure out what kind of seconday sidebar &etc I want on those pages. Obviously something more understated than the major sidebar on the front page.

This is fun, my first website to actually be up and doing something, even if no one's paying attention yet :)