Some quickies:

  • Welcome, MarkPaschal!
  • I'm giving in and starting to hack on some ?UserTalk in RadioUserLand. Looking for some IMAP support for playing with MailToRSS. Not finding any yet, I'm toying with RepeaterProxy as my first foray into ?UserTalk so that I can use a companion DesktopWebAppServer behind Radio to enable Python web apps, such as components of Caffinate. Need to solve packaging issues once I decide to release and distribute this companion httpd.
  • Also thinking that WeblogMulticaster might make a decent RadioUserLand Tool.
  • Still have to get back to XmlRpcToWiki and get the three implementations I have in synch with the API spec. Right now they're diverging.
Okay, back to work. shortname=oooodc