In case you're all wondering what I'm doing, I'm moving over to using Radio UserLand to manage my journal and weblogs. I got a tool called xManilaBloggerBridge which binds my Radio UserLand categories to sites that talk BloggerAPI, namely 0xDECAFBAD and my LiveJournal account (via Blogger-2-LiveJournal installed on my webserver). Sound convoluted? It is, and it's about to get even more convoluted.

The end result, though, is that I can write from one spot and publish to many sites, and write some more neato things to automatically process my writing as it goes on its way. (Such as, automatically create links to my wiki, where I maintain pages on long running ideas.)

I am a nerd. I'll try to keep the high nerdity on 0xDECAFBAD and not on my dreamspace. :)