This was easier than I thought it would be: XmlRpcFilterService

Basically, this is my first application of the XmlRpcFilteringPipe. On the MacOsX side of things, I implemented a quick standalone service using Marcus Muller's XMLRPC Obj-C framework. On the filter side of things at 0xDECAFBAD, I added the filter methods to my XmlRpcToWiki interface I have running on the DecafbadWiki. So, now there's a filter named 'wiki' on the DecafbadWiki that I call with the XmlRpcFilterService under MacOsX.

The nutshell version of this is: I write something somewhere, select some of it, click "Appname -> Services -> XmlRpcFilterService -> Apply to Selection" in my menu (or use the hot key), and the selected text is filtered through my remote wiki to pick up links and filtering. In the context of a weblog entry, this means that what I write in the weblog is now bound to the wiki. Hell, I can even make my postings to message boards and replies to email pick up links to my wiki. Now that I think of this, I might want to have a selection of an alternate rendering for email, where the links appear at the end of the message as footnotes.

Anyway, it still needs a bit of work to make it more generally useful. It needs some preference panes to change and construct the filter pipe, support multiple pipes, and I need to bundle the XmlRpc frameworks up in the app for easy installation (or switch to Apple's built-in XmlRpc API). But the point is, it took me all of 2 hours between server and client side work to get this working, and it's already useful for me. I'll see soon if the sudden population of links in all of my communication from my laptop annoys anyone. :)

This is one solution for a WeblogWithWiki, but I still want to play around with making the WeblogMulticaster and enabling it to use XmlRpcFilteringPipes also.

And, somewhere, this figures into RadioUserLand.