Haven't managed to keep blogging here much, though I have been quite busy. Need to think how to make this space more interesting.

Part of what has been holding me back is the interface. I'm used to the style of LiveJournal, where I have a little ubiquitous client that I pop open, jot some notes as fast as I can type, and hit "Post". Here, with Movable Type, things seem a little more sluggish and raises the posting threshold just vaguely above my laziness factor.

But I can't quite get why. I have a bookmarklet that seems just as easy to use as the LJ client. I also have the Blogger API on MT to use, should I want to use one of those clients. Hmm.

I'm also holding out a bit for the tools I've been working on to tie my writing to my wiki. Rather than merge the wiki and the weblog, I'm working on putting the wiki into my textarea.

Holding out is what kept me from putting this site up for years, though.

I need to start blogging in the moment, and keep it flowing. Even if no one's really listening yet.

The other thing is that I'm messing with this division between this space an my LiveJournal. One's personal and the other is... not personal? This space at 0xDECAFBAD is just as personal to me, only it's less interesting to my normal group of friends over on LiveJournal. Seems like there needs to be a bit of a division, but maybe not the gulf between two entire sites' worth of distance.

Seems like I need a categorized UBERblog where all of my weblogging goes, with specialized feeds branched off from it. Seems to me that this is where Radio UserLand could come in, but I need some more tools to make it happen.

You see, although I want an uber-blog with categories, I don't want to leave my "legacy" LiveJournal, so I'd like to turn it into a mirror of a category, maybe with abbreviated notices of postings in other categories. Seems like I need to get a category-to-metaBlogger API tool working in Radio, along with a metaBlogger-to-LJ bridge working.

Until then, I just need to keep making a point to babble in here. It's not as if I don't have things to say from moment to moment.