So.. What have I been working on? Well, XmlRpcFilteringPipes via RUPipeFilters in RadioUserLand. I'm soaking in it right now. So far, the text I'm writing will be piped through my local RadioUserLand instance, with filters on the built-in glossary and macro system. After that, I send my content out for a trip through the DecafbadWiki to pick up a few links from there.

For example, these should be some wiki links: BootToTheHead, ?EnlightenedSelfinterest, WebChanges, WebIndex

This should be the time via the statement 3/26/02; 5:46:22 PM

This should be a link to something truly evil from the bowels of my RadioUserLand glossary: Dancing Hamsters

I've got the whole shebang working in RadioUserLand right now. The only thing keeping me back from a release is building a friendly-ish web interface on managing pipelines. Maybe I should say screw it to that for now and just release it. It's useful right now, and managing pipelines is a matter of editing the preferences database, which is a breeze for early adopters. There are even convenience methods to do it with. And in-the-moment usage of the system is easy: select your text, copy it into the clipboard, bring up Radio's tray or dock menu, pick Pipefilters->Apply Pipeline to Clipboard, and away you go.

Maybe I'll do this tonight. I think it's incredibly useful, and odds are someone else will too.

Update @ 2:14am: Ooh, Dave linked to me. He called me weird. This makes me blush. If you're looking for the goods of which I speak, try coming back in about 8-10 hours. I've gotten sucked into playing with Dave's Instant Outlining bomb drop and have forgotten about packaging and uploading my own. Funny how I'd just posted a message to the radio-dev mailing list, jokingly demanding his goods. I go to dinner with my girlfriend, come back to find that he came through with it.

I'm going to bed now, the alarm clock rings too soon.