I feel like I'm discovering SSI again, as if for the first time. I'm using it around here to piece together a few pages with dynamic elements, among other things. Seems like all I need most times for this, as opposed to a more general web app framework or CMS. I'm sure eventually I'll get tired of it after having run into all the problems everyone else in the world has, and roll my own CMS again. Maybe this time I'll stop before I get to that point and adopt someone else's before I get down to wheel re-invention work. :) But it's so fun.
Anyway, my latest tinkering with SSI can be seen on the right side of 0xDECAFBAD's front page: Sibling blogs.

So far, I've got my LiveJournal blog over there, along with my RadioUserLand weblog. Maybe in listing a few headlines over there, I can entice a few readers to my other spaces. LiveJournal is where I do most of my general blogging, link posting, and general grousing. (I think that's my new favorite word) The RadioUserLand weblog is just an experiment at this point, but it may eventually consume the whole site.

Basically, RadioUserLand is competing with server-side CGIs and SSIs at this point. Eventually, they will cooperate. After that, RadioUserLand may take over.

Anyway, enjoy RssDisplay if you like-- you can either download it, or PipelineTheWeb and use it straight from my site.