Noticed two things from Mike James this morning:

An interesting melding of weblog and wiki over at The combination of Blosxom, which elegantly composes the weblog from a simple pile of files, and UseModWiki, which can cache its pages in a simple pile of files, makes me think about the combination myself... (Oh, and TWiki does this, too, not in caching but in the storage of page content in the raw.) I could make Blosxom search for files by regex (ie. Blog*) and post to the weblog in ?UseModWiki with a naming convention of pages. Seems neatly elegant.

And the second thing are the MovableWorksOfArt that Mike cites. Again, simple and neat elegance. I'm with Mike: I've got a lot to learn, and a lot to strip down from the design of this site. I also really need to dig into some proper CSS. Mark Pilgrim's CSS magic shames me.


Archived Comments

  • # line 81 of blosxom use Text::WikiFormat; chomp(my $body = Text::WikiFormat::format(join '', )); FYI...
  • On design, can I make a plea that you avail yourself of either javascript or IFRAMEs to insert the little extra bits of content like referrers and such .. just thinking robot-friendly design where the actual page doesn't churn quite so much.