Okay, so NetSol's interface for me to change the DNS server responsible for decafbad.com has been coming up with an error page for me, for 3 days now. I just donated to DynDns.org so I could get some dynamic DNS love going on with some decafbad.com subdomains, but no dice on switching the domain to point at their servers when my registrar's site is broken.

So, I'm going to VerisignOff. I hopped over to PairNIC and initiated a transfer. Let's see how much hassle this brings me. :)


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  • I have been transfering domains from Networksolutions/Verisign for a good while now. Its usualy not a problem - as long as the admin e-mail for the domain works. Decided to move after they messed up their interface, and ended up with a great interface and a third of the price over at OpenSRS.