Okay, after several comments, emails, IMs, and other encouragement, I stopped adding features and cleaned up a few things in my new AmphetaDesk template and have uploaded a tarball of it:

Again, some highlights:
  • Leaner template code on the server side, leaner HTML on the browser side.
  • Ampheta remembers things about items now, such as # of clicks, age, and # of times seen.
  • Ampheta can act on this memory, sorting and hiding items.
  • Old, stale things tend to go away.
  • Often used & visited things tend to come first.
To install this thing:
  1. Rename/backup the directory default in the templates directory of your AmphetaDesk installation.
  2. Replace that directory with the contents of the above-linked tarball.
  3. Create a directory named channels_meta in the data directory of your AmphetaDesk installation.
  4. Start AmphetaDesk, and let simmer for a few days to see things start working
The thing's still a bit rough around the corners. To change thresholds and other settings, you'll need to edit default/index.html directly for now. I plan to add some fields to the settings page to manage these settings, eventually. Also, you really want to have the Digest::MD5 perl module installed, but I have included Digest::Perl::MD5 in the template. This means that things will work, but could be much faster. As for the outlines, give thanks to Marc Barrot for his activeRenderer package from which I borrowed nearly all of my outline code. (The only ?JavaScript that's mine is the expand/collapse all logic.)

Okay, I'm off to lunch. Let me know how you like it!

Update: It appears that some people are having problems with their AmphetaDesk failing to find the custom modules I include with the template. If you have trouble running the template, try copying the contents of templates/default/lib into the lib/ directory of your AmphetaDesk install.

Update 2: I think I've fixed the showstoppers, as I will write here in the future. So, I've taken the liberty of going back in time and replacing the tarball here with the fixed one in case anyone has linked to this story. Enjoy!


Archived Comments

  • Still no go. Been trying to install, get an error: (deleted some text)Can't locate lib.pm in @INC Is lib.pm included someplace? I couldnt seem to find it in the distro.
  • Steve, Open up your templates/default/index.html file - you should see something in there about "use lib". Simply add a "#" character in front of that line, save the file, and then refresh the page in AmphetaDesk, and that should get you a little further.
  • Ok, that did it. Comments: So far, looks pretty good. What's the official definition of: (S:1 C:0 A:0.00)?
  • Ok, that did it. So far, looks pretty good. What's the official definition of: (S:1 C:0 A:0.00)?
  • I thought I should put a legend somewhere for that, but of course I forgot. :) Here's the missing legend: S: # of times seen C: # of times clicked A: Hours since first seen