So are any of you guys getting itchy? I've had a great Summer all around, but without much hacking or progress on little projects. And I've noticed that there's been relative quiet and little hacking amongst my reading list's authors. Could be that I'm just not looking in the right places - I did lose a few subscriptions in my bounce from Radio to Ampheta for daily use. But I just don't see as many daily innovations as I did toward the end of Winter and beginning of Spring.

As for me, as the nights get longer and things get colder, I'm starting to feel an itch to start tinkering again. Maybe it has to do with not-yet-dead back-to-school reflexes - summer vacation's over, and its time to get back to learning and experimenting. Starting to look again at my neglected wiki, and of course I've started tinkering with my AmphetaDesk outliner skin again. I've also been thinking about my other little projects, referrer links, whitelist-based spam filtering, XML-RPC pipelines, and other things I've not touched in months.

The fact that I'd not felt like playing with these toys for so long worried me a bit, so the return of the itch is reassuring. So, I should get back to playing soon. And, now that my financial situation has greatly improved, I also need to figure out where to start and to whom I should talk on really heading back to school.

So Summer has been just a nice, long nap in a hammock. Time to start making the coffee. (Not decaf, of course.)


Archived Comments

  • My vote is on the pipeline... I'd really love to get glossary expansion in OPML rendering.
  • And here I thought no one remembered my lil pipeline experiments. :) I should get back to playing with them, since I thought they had some really neat promise