Ack! I just realized, even though it took two emails make the light go on, that my tarball of AmphetaOutlines for download in the wiki has still had the broken click-count page bundled for the last month or so. For some reason I thought that I'd fixed that and re-uploaded the tarball, but no!

So: It's there now, hopefully this is a fix for any of you who tried it and saw the insane refresh loop happen with you clicked on a news item. Hop on over to AmphetaOutlines and grab yourself a new copy.

Next... I screw around with Bayesian filters as applied to incoming news items, categories of interest, and alert levels. Maybe.


Archived Comments

  • I'm sorry, I thought I could finally be putting FeedReader on the shelf again, but still cannot get it going. It looks beautiful now, but I get the looping problem again (IE6 Win98), tweaked view_item.html on advise of Morbus in earlier comments. But now a link opens with: META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" Content= "0;URL=" Click counted. Redirecting you to and freezes. Any suggestions?
  • Yeah, I was looking forward to it aswell. I *really* missed the # of clicks tracking, etc. I dont have the looping problem anymore on XP (fixed with the change from the other thread), however, I've noticed something wierd, which caused me to roll back to an earlier version: On some feeds, new items we getting placed under "hidden", and old items were showing up as new. This caused me to only have old postings that we're apparently readable.
  • Hmm, Bayesian filters -- Les, I know someone else in Ann Arbor working on very similar stuff, let me make introductions... Ed