Noticed linked to via the #rdfig weblog, and had this thought: Thank goodness that someone had thought to register that domain, or else my boss would have more likely than not been viewing porn after clicking on a link it in our last meeting.


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  • RFC2606 reserved,, also test.xx invalid.xx and localhost.xx
  • Things I feel like I should have known, but didn't. Thanks for the pointer! :)
  • At one time, was registered to someone and was used as something other than an example, despite the fact that the RFC clearly stated that the domain was reserved. I don't know when it was returned to its proper usage, but it has been fixed for some time.
  • Searching Google for Localhost shows that there are many localhost.xx domains registered.,,
  • .test, .example, .invalid and .localhost are only reserved as top level domains. e.g. ian.test is reserved, but test.ian is not.