So, I finally got my iBook into and out of the shop, and I'm back on the reinstallation road to recovery. Not only that, but I got a little bit extra - seems that since my model of iBook is no longer available, the repair tech found that he was required to replace my dying 9GB hard drive with a quieter 15GB drive. Not a gigantic improvement, but it ends up being just enough to be nifty and was free to boot. Also, I splurged a little bit before starting Christmas shopping, and replaced the 256MB of RAM with a 512MB module. The improvement from 384MB to 640MB under MacOSX was much more marked than I'd anticipated. I don't know what kept me so long.

So, my desires for a new iBook or a glitzy ?TiBook are dampened for now, and my pocket book thanks me. And, if/when I decide to toss this thing up onto eBay, the extras couldn't hurt the value. Also, I imagine that my expectations of OS X will have set me up for amazement once I get to play with a machine that supports Quartz Extreme and has a more decent processor speed.