It's not incredibly complicated, but it's something I just hadn't gotten to until now: My AmphetaDesk subscriptions are now the source for my blogroll. I noticed the opml2html script that Jeremy Zawodny wrote, snagged it, and set up a quick cronjob to run the script and upload the HTML every few hours. It's ugly right now, but maybe it will finally make finish that new design.


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  • An interesting Update ! Yes, it works ! Looks Great, thanks l.m.orchard ! I just downloaded the new, new amphetaoutlines, installed it and ran amphetadesk. Default browser WAS IE6.0 sp2. Took about 15 min. for newsfeeds to be retrieved, OK, IE opens, outliner opens with all channels collapsed. Tried to expand, got an error on page message. So, I figured I'd try another browser, I don't like IE anyway, so I opened Mozilla 1.2, copied in link, EveryThing Works Fine. It looks great, now I know what everyone was raving about. Thanks again, l.m.orchard ! Curtis