Speaking of BML, what ever happened to it? I first wrote about it back in August and later got a response from Sanjiva Weerawarana, one of the original authors at IBM. Someone hinted to me that it was supposed to eventually land at Jakarta, and while the Bean Scripting Framework did land there, BML is still off the radar. Meanwhile, I'm still using it at work, still sitting on some dubiously-gotten source code, and want to use it in more public projects.

Anyone out there in Java-land besides me know about this thing and find it useful? While it's still very likely that I'm delusioned, I have yet to find something equivalent to what it can do for me. On the contrary, I've seen other projects rolling their own much less functional versions of BML. But, I have to assume that I'm not realy a know-it-all, and that I'm likely missing something that makes this not-so-great and relatively unadopted.


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  • Seems very similar in some ways to Jelly. And Jelly already has the Jakarta/Apache hype machine behind it.