It's only day two, yet I have nothing to Moblog today. Yesterday I was bopping around the city from my main office to the Sun testing center to lunch with my wife. Today I'm at the office in front of my computer, where I will probably remain until after dark. I guess I can moblog my lunch... It probably won't be that exciting.

Is Russell losing the Moblogging faith already? :) He raises an interesting, mostly obvious point: After all the whiz-bang setup and build up - what do you have that's so important that it's worth covering in mobile multimedia splendor?

On one hand, some would say, "Nada mucho," and hang up their camera peripheral. Me, well, I don't have the hardware yet to deluge my corner of the web with instant snaps and clips of me, my girl, the cats, and co-workers. (Though I have gotten a start on it.) But, I find what Russell's posted so far to be fascinating and amusing. Of course, he's in an exotic locale with respect to me. Why else, unless he was a photographic genius, would his lunch seem interesting to me? Then again, I might be in an exotic locale with respect to someone else.

Anyway, after all the fun of connecting various bits together, you always come back to finding a reason to use it if you hadn't had one to begin with. Sometimes the reason ends up being that it's just fun to play with bits connected together, and that someone somewhere might just find the result interesting. No one's forcing anyone to look at all the pictures of the world's cats, you know?


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  • Agreed! Blogged photos and little multimedia clips don't have to be "important", as long as they are in some way interesting. The view out of your office window is probably the most boring thing in the world to you, but to someone who has never seen it before, it might be interesting. I always get complaints about the frequency of cat pictures on but you gotta take the bad with the god. :)
  • uh, "good", not "god"