So, sometime around last November, my iBook started having battery problems. It went from 3 hours of life, down to an hour, and finally down to about 15 minutes' worth of life. Being lazy and busy, and having my iBook mostly at desks near outlets, I put off taking it into the shop -- I'd just taken it there to replace the hard drive, and I didn't feel like parting with it again. Stupid, I know. Lazy, I know.

Well, since then, the problem hasn't gotten better, and I was just about to get off my ass to do something about it when I see this:

MacNN: iBook users experience 10.2.4 battery bug

So after browsing around forums a bit, I learned how to reset my Power Management Unit, did so, and discovered that the battery began to charge again. I left the iBook off and watched the 4 LEDs on the battery gradually light up over a bit of time while working on my desktop. Looks like the problem's solved for now.

Ugh. I'm glad, at least, that it wasn't a physically dead battery.


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