Simon Willison writes that he'd read my blog more if I pinged more often. I used to, via MovableType, but my new blog doesn't. Enter ping_weblogs_com, a Blosxom plugin to ping I've just installed it.

Let's see if he notices. :)


Archived Comments

  • since I show your most recent ping as Feb 20, I hope your plugin works!
  • I was just going to nag you about the same thing! Just noticed you'd pinged again. Excellent. (I just do it for my blog via a bookmark I saved!)
  • Also, have you moved your blog? what URL are you pinging? my tool won't pick up the ping if you are using /blog/ instead of the former address at your index page. (I'll change my list if this is the new home.)
  • I noticed, but only thanks to a post on :)
  • Simon: one of the reasons I posted it :) although Phil managed to trump me by merging the old ping record with the new one.