Oh, and I've been meaning to post a little note of thanks to everyone who're still reading this blog. I haven't done or said much of note around these parts in some time, with the only saving grace being my automated BookmarkBlogger posting every night. More than I expected, those posts have actually caught the interest of a few people.

But I never wanted this place to turn into just another link-blog. And I also have been feeling a bit guilty that my Quick Links give no indication of source where I found these tidbits. They are, more often than not, gleaned from the 320 or so sites whose RSS feeds I slurp down 12 or so times a day. I really need to get some sort of blog roll going again, but somehow I doubt that everyone wants to download my RSS feed list when they visit here.

Anyway, that's all. Thanks for reading and sticking around as I get things sorted and stitched back together in the offline world. I hope to come back with some nifty things soon, since I'm itching to hack.