I have my powerbook trackpad set to accept taps as mouse clicks, which makes the behavior identical to the button.

What I'd like to do is set one of them to behave as a second mouse button. That sounds like it should be possible. All of the usual suspects have thus far failed me. I'm surprised there isn't something on versiontracker -- it seems like it would be a popular hac

Sounds like a great idea to me. Has it been done? Or has someone realized that it’s actually a really bad idea for some reason I haven’t thought of?


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  • I imagine having the left button only available from tapping would make dragging operations tricky. My touchpad (on a PC) has a tap-and-drag feature but I'm pretty hit-and-miss on successfully performing the maneuver and have it disabled because I'm always accidentally triggering it. Do Macs do tap-and-drag too? I guess Macs don't have a "right-click drag" maneuver as Windows does, so the tap could be the right button, but that would just freak me out. My touchpad driver has a feature where it picks up a finger moving up and down the right edge and scrolls in response, which I think is much nicer than using a scrollwheel on a mouse. I keep doing it on my friend's iBook and wondering why it isn't working :)