Well, I forgot to mention it, but I emailed Google awhile back about their rejecting my site for Google ?AdSense. They got back to me and let me in the club, which is demonstrated by the skyscraper ad to the right. So far, I seem to be on the road to earning free hosting for the month, if my clickthroughs keep up, which is more than I'd hoped for. I only hope that if everyone's seeing this kind of performance, that Google makes some money at it and doesn't have to cancel the program.

My only complain now is this: Can I get some ad rotation? I'm not sure what you're seeing, but I've been looking at the same 4 ads for backup solutions since I first plopped the code in. At first I thought it was neat, since I'd been talking about backups at the time and the ads seemed an intelligent complement. But that story's long since scrolled off the page, and nothing else interesing has come up since. Maybe this is by design, but I expect my clickthroughs to stop pretty soon.

Now, I have no ambitions to get rich quick via Google. If they happen to pay out enough to cover my hosting costs, I'm abso-frickin-loutely ecstatic. So, I won't be spending much time obsessing over search terms and "borrowing" public domain works to boosting my ?AdSense revenue, but it seems like the service could use a little freshening.

Am I missing something?

Update: Heh, funny thing. No sooner do I post this and visit the site to check out how things look, the Google ad appears to have rotated. Is someone watching? Heh, heh.


Archived Comments

  • Just so you know, I'm getting ads for XSD tutorials and XML parsing solutions.
  • maybe this is why using the ads on archive pages for individual posts is a good notion? the topics would be more specific, I think.
  • I think it's funny how on DDRFreak.com they get lots of ads for things like DWI defense lawyers and such. (DWI is also the name of one of the DDR clones.) I think they need to work on their targeting metrics a bit more. :D
  • The ads I'm seeing on your page are all for uk computer hardware suppliers. So unless they are all on a big export drive at the moment I image that different people are getting different ads.