Yeah, so this blog thing. I finally switched it over to the stuff I've been fiddling with in silence for months - and then I proceeded to immediately shut back up.

Well, not exactly. I've still been posting links occasionally, but that's old hat now. The only new thing is the infrastructure behind how I share them. I've been out of the blogging habit for awhile now - maybe as long I'd been in the habit. For most of last year, it was because my brain was just not up to stringing these word things together with any reliable coherency. (Planning on writing more about that soon.) But, since I've been recovering my sanity, I've been both procrastinating and intimidating myself about this place.

The intimidation, if that's the right word, comes from a sort of pedestal building I've been doing with regards to writing here. I want to write good things here, important things here. When an idea for writing pops, I think of things I've read things from bloggers like Mark Pilgrim, Shelley Powers, Sam Ruby, Mark Bernstein, and a slew of others. Then, I censor myself, since of course my stuff would never be as good as all that. So, I never get started again, and thus atrophies my most valuable asset.

Thing is though, were any of those authors to read this, they'd likely each shy away from the credit I give them. Because they're just people who happen to write. Granted, they're good, but part of that is because they write. Though some of them have a process, most of them just write. That's part of what having a blog is about - just writing and getting it out there.

So I think I'm taking this crap too seriously in my head. I need to just get back to doing it. Granted, I don't want to open up the taps and spew LiveJournal-quality angst and hate-my-parents stream-of-consciousness around here. But, I think can come up with some quality off-the-cuff notions to jot down here.

I've got a "queue" of sorts in my Tinderbox of Very Important Things to write, and I do still want to get to those, but I think I need to knock down my self-imposed barriers to posting and just do it.

Whew. Heh. So I just managed to post about my non-posting. How do you like that?

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  • Just came back after a while of non-reading due to work and blah. GREAT new design. Congrats. I've sub'd to the RSS feed, so I'll be back!
  • I tend to find that the quality and frequency of my blogging is inversely proportional to the degree to which I care.
  • I occasionally think the same thing, but it quickly passes. ;) Just write your opinion on some technology or your latest programming challenge or discovery, or whatever... Get the ball (mouse?) rolling!
  • This ceramics story -- Quality vs quantity -- Just Do It. Writing is like that. See and the links from it.
  • Er, and the golden goose flies at midnight. Were you calling me an ear-wagging ass, or was that not supposed to make sense?