Wow. So it looks like there are some people starting to follow to what I'm doing with dbagg3, and they're showing me how woefully prepared I am for the attention from tinkerers who are actually trying to, you know, run my code. Things have been crazy busy for me at work, so I haven't been getting done what I've planned. But, I do need to pull a few things together and clean a few things up. I'll soon be answering the smattering of email I've gotten so far, but until then, a few quick thoughts:

  • My source control is a bit of a mess at the moment. Not only have I switched from CVS to SVN-- but even if you followed me in that migration, I've not kept committed code in working order. I already know that this is a horrible habit, but since no one's really been looking, I haven't been called on it until now. (Heh, heh--d'oh.) Planning this weekend (but hopefully today) to resolve this, so that moving forward, svn trunk will be (as far as possible) in a working state at any given moment.

  • I've hacked one of my dependencies, SQLObject, by applying a patch to support SELECT DISTINCT queries. This has understandably caused problems for some people who have no idea what I did. This patch has turned out to be essential, though I don't know if/when it will or would be included in a release of SQLObject. So... I wonder if I should dump my working copy of SQLObject into source control? Otherwise, applying the DISTINCT patch to your SQLObject install should work.

  • At some point very soon, I want to change the name of this thing to feedReactor. Yes, I know there's already a feedparser, and a feeddemon, and a feedburner, and someone's probably got a feedkitchensink in the works, but I like this name and want to run with it.

So, in the meantime while I straighten some things out, please excuse the mess and thanks for bearing with me!


Archived Comments

  • I think having a copy of your SQLObject tree would be most helpful. First of all, that patch applies (or at least _did_ apply a few weeks ago) to their development version, while you're using the 0.5 Version, right? I also 'back-ported' the patch to 0.5.2 (only the distinct part though), but I'm still getting errors... cheers, Christian
  • Woops, just tried it again with a fresh svn-upped dbagg3 and it seems to work now. Good stuff :-) cheers, Christian