You know what I was just thinking? Why doesn't Froogle have an API like Amazon? It's nearing Christmas again, and other than my occasional hacking activities, now is when my Amazon wishlist gets the most play. Well, that and on my birthday.

But, since my mind's been on shopping a bit, I've been checking out Froogle. Did you know that Froogle has wishlists? Man. I knew that back in the mid-90's I should have gone with that great business idea I had for making a site devoted to wishlists and aggregated shopping, maybe make some cash off affiliate fees. But anyway, now that I see Froogle's doing it, I have the notion to migrate my eight pages of wishlist items over to Froogle.

But, no! There's no API, and I'm feeling too lazy to hack any screen scraper web robots together. So. I'm probably weird for this being the deciding factor, but for now, Amazon retains my patronage. Funny thing is, although it's a mild form of data lock-in, Amazon does have an API and I can scoop up my wishlist items whenever I feel like it. It's just that there'd be no convenient place to put them right now.


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  • Look no further than You can import your Amazon Wish List there and use the bookmarklet to add items from any vendor.