• Between moving apartments and other various things this past week, I've hit a wall and gotten just about nothing fully completed.

    To try to keep some momentum going, I've started work on four chapters for the book simultaneously, jumping tracks whenever I get bogged down in one thing or another. And then when I get completely stymied on the book, I've been trying to spew blog postings to keep the verbal part of my brain lubricated.

    It's worked middlingly well, but has left me with four chapters, each 1/3-2/3 done. Hoping to get a burnout breakthrough from either sleep, caffeine, or beer and maybe get all of these done and submitted in the next day or two.

  • Meanwhile, The Girl is having a rough time of it as a convergence of ill-defined midterms and projects assail her this weekend. Wishing one or both of us had "Out of this World"-style time-stop powers.

  • And just when I thought I was busy, Charles Stross shows me how the pros get buried:

    This would be a fairly complete workload (only 150,000 words by the end of June) but there's other stuff, too. I'm going to the British Eastercon next weekend, which will take me away from home for close to a week (it's about 350 miles away and for reasons too tedious to go into I need to take a car there and back). In June, I'm guest of honour at a con in Gothenburg, Sweden, and in August I'm guest of honour at a con in Austin, Texas as well as going to the worldcon in Glasgow, the Edinburgh Book Festival, and other venues.