• I'm at once repulsed and attracted by all these one-cup coffee machines, with their pods and buttons and false promises of crema. But, there's the waste, and the fact that I never just drink one cup. And the little filter-pucks of coffee just seem like they'd be impossible to be anything but stale.

    However, with respect to that last point, I've just found the Keurig B50 and its K-Cups. These are little foil-sealed cups of ground coffee that only ever get unsealed when you turn on the machine. Seems like this might be a better way than filter pucks.

    But then, I've never tried a Senseo, and will likely never buy that or a Keurig B50.

  • Just noticed that my DecafBland style for Colloquy has been sucked into the nightly builds. Hooray! Glad it's still living on despite my not having touched it in about a year.
  • Something damn cool I just discovered about OmniWeb's tab drawer:

    You can group-select the window thumbnails. Once having done that, you can close them in groups, as well as drag them in groups into the drawers of other windows. This is a power-user's dream. It's one of those things that made sense to try, so I tried it, and was happily surprised to see it actually work.

    OmniGroup is teh greetest!

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  • Nespresso is the way to go. It just works, the coffee is good and you get a Crema! (And everything!) http://www.nespresso.com/
  • You can also Command-select items in the bookmark or history views and drag into a tab drawer to open them all. Beautiful browser.
  • Let me join in the OmniWeb lovefest with a qualification: oh, how I pine for Greasemonkey-esque functionality!
  • Used to have a Keurig machine at an old job - they coffee was good but nothing remarkable. Perhaps you can get better cups for it.
  • I have a one-cup French press. Takes a bit longer, but I don't have to worry about beng stuck with the Betamax of coffeemakers and having this huge machine that takes pods no one makes anymore.
  • I've tried most of them, the DouweEgberts, the Nescafe, the Nespresso, the Illy machines, the Senseo with regular/strong/Milano coffee pads. Fact is, they never deliver the excellent expresso you find in cafes in Italy or Portugal. It's just a fact of life, I guess. Small machines => no great coffee. Here in Belgium it's even difficult to find good expresso in bars or restaurants.
  • Being an Italian living in Scotland I believe that you cannot get the same coffee anywhere else, since the quality of the water makes a big difference, even between cities in Italy coffee tastes completely different. I use a little mocha and buy Italian coffe but still..... not as good as a proper espresso! And yes, Omniweb is the browser. I have tried all of them and despite not being the fastest one, I still go back to it. Best surfing experience!!