After just having proclaimed my effort toward maintaining focus, however, I couldn't resist letting these things slip out of my head:

  • The new ecto is pretty sexy with its pre-Tiger hints and new icons, I must say.

  • I really want to read Practical Common Lisp. My meta-sense is tingling.

  • Whether good or bad, I've got almost month-old tabs sitting in OmniWeb. In other browsers, this would have been inconceivable. Barring an OS update, my trial period will be up before these tabs go away.

    On the bright side, those other browsers gave a sort of limited shelf life to things waiting for my perusal--between now and the next rude crash. But now, they can just stick around until that scroll bar in the tab drawer gets too small for me to grab.

  • Greasemonkey has me wanting to switch back to Firefox, though. That, and it has me wishing I knew enough about writing Firefox extensions to steal my favorite feature from OmniWeb: That being the tab drawer, of course.

    I have doubts that I could replicate the page thumbnails--although I did have some odd thoughts of farming that out to some web service that took page snapshots.

  • Another thought: Seems like things like Greasemonkey may enable much of what I wanted to do with Agent Frank before I wandered away from it.

Archived Comments

  • While it's not exactly like OW's tabs (and I couldn't even compare them, having never used OW), you might like the ScrapBook Firefox extension:
  • You might consider using Furl and a feed reader to keep track of stuff you want to read later. This post prompted me to actually write the article I've been meaning to post about this idea: