• Today was my last day at my job in downtown Detroit. Change is afoot.

  • I put together a bed today from Cost Plus World Market that could have probably crushed me. This was dumb.

  • I still have a reflexive dislike for PHP, for many of the same reasons (and more!) I tend to avoid Perl after having lived in it for over a decade.

    But, damn, if the developers of WordPress and MediaWiki didn't make things easy to install. My horror will probably return once I start to look under the hood.

  • Methinks that Sudoku puzzles were what Ragle Gumm was working on in Phillip K. Dick's Time Out of Joint. They're making me all shifty and paranoid.

  • Is it just me, or is there some almost obscene irony to have just seen a local TV news program present a story about rising oil and fuel prices--only to see them, with straight faces, immediately follow that up with a report on the upcoming Woodward Dream Cruise in the Detroit area?

Archived Comments

  • Well if you have any questions or concerns about WP be sure to drop me an email. :)
  • And if you compare the current WP code to some of the earlier versions, you probably won't cringe quite as badly. There has been steady refactoring going on.
  • Dougal: Oh, I'm sure WP looks pretty good under the hood -- this is just an irrational phobia of PHP in general that I'm talking about. :)