If you've been following along with me these past months, you might've gotten the gist that I've been working on a book. Well, lookee what landed on my doorstep late Friday afternoon--my author copies!

Cue the angelic chorus

This package was actually supposed to have been delivered on Thursday. But, much to my consternation, I wasn't present to sign for the package. But now, I've got the surreal experience of holding a bound volume of around 600 pages with my name on the cover. And inside? There's all this stuff that once appeared on my PowerBook screen in MS Word and Terminal windows. (Oh yeah, and there're a few photos of my iPod thrown in for good measure.)

Funny thing is, this process started for me back in late December 2004. But, you'd barely know it, because--for whatever reason--I started off pretty cagey about the whole thing, and then plunged headlong into the effort. I did manage to make a quick announcement of authorship, but thereafter only managed to emerge for a few quick thought dumps.

I think part of my silence about things stemmed from a reticence to talk about or promise anything before I'd written it--and also because this has been my first time doing anything like this and I didn't want to flub anything up along the way. How I might've done that, who knows? But, I got a bit too busy to really worry about superstitions as the deadlines rolled on.

But now, it's out! And you should buy it! Lookee, lookee: It's already got a 5-star review from someone I don't even know!

For the moment, I'm going to wrap up this post, finish my dinner, and go for a walk with the girl--but, when we get back, I think I might post a few more details on what you'll find in my book debut.

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