A coworker introduced me to The Scene last night, and this morning I started grabbing the 12 episodes produced so far. I'm watching the first one right now, on the living room TV via my XBMC-enabled XBox. (At some point, describing this sort of thing will seem so quaint: In the future, of course, everyone will be watching video on demand from the net.)

At any rate, so far this show seems promising--at least to someone comfortable with following the story as presented as a screencast in IRC and instant messaging windows, with the occasional voiceover. Call it a sort of geek cinéma vérité.

The main character is a key part of a pirated movie distribution group, who starts off the story opening a package with a screener DVD of the movie Alexander. Shortly thereafter we seen him in IRC and instant messages, directing the encoding and release of the film with other members of his group.

But, as messages fly in through various chat windows, we start to see other parts of his real life intrude--school, a sick father, friends, a girlfriend. And, soon, someone from another IM network appears... offering pretty significant money for his pirated releases.

I'd recommend it so far.