Hacking RSS and Atom has gotten an absolutely glowing and enthusiastic recommendation from Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central! I was flipping through a few pent-up podcasts I had laying around before purging the backlog, and found this mention at the tail-end of GNC #101.

Not only did he call my book "totally, totally amazing," but he also called me a gentleman. Thank you very much, Todd! And with this sort of glowing review, I'd feel remiss without mentioning that Todd's book Podcasting is mighty fine as well.

Update: Holy crap--looks like Todd liked my book well enough to toss a panel into his sidebar to buy it from Amazon!

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  • I was browsing through the downtown Seattle Barnes & Noble when I ran across this book. Looked at the title and thought, 'hey, I remember a Les Orchard from Magnet Detroit." Sure enough it was you.

    Great book, well written...wish I was more of a hands-on code jockey and I'd probably get a lot more out of it. As it is, I have to stick with XHTML and CSS and work my way up from there. :)

    Nice job. Take care.

    • Eric Weaver (former Detroiter, Wundermaner, friend of Pauler Schweizerer)