It's this new blog, I think. Between the lighter-weight blog template and the faster response times from WordPress in general, it doesn't feel like I'm Issuing a Decree or turning a battleship every time I want to fire off a bit of writing to the world.

I've got a lot of little things I've been Meaning to Write About, all pent up in my little pea brain. So, maybe this is a phase, soon to pass.

I was worried that my sudden renewed verbosity might annoy a few people subscribed to my feeds who'd gotten used to my silence, but I suppose you could see the previous post for an answer to that.

Archived Comments

  • Hey, I'm likin' it!

  • I like it. The volume is high all of a sudden, but the posts aren't arduously long, but then not inane or incoherently mumbly either---so it's fun to keep up.

    I wish I could muster the chattiness. If you look at my posts, almost everything of note I've written has been in response to others. I always feel like I don't really have anything of my own to talk about.

  • I'll probably run out of things to post soon enough—that, or I'll get pulled into a project and have all my brains vaccumed away.

  • These things happen. :D