Holy crap! For the first time ever, it looks like I've actually been getting people to buy something on Amazon by way of my site. I'm assuming this means lots of you are buying my book from the sidebar panel there. Thank you, thank you!

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  • Um....maybe it was 'cause I kept hitting refresh on the checkout page?

    Good to hear your book is doing well!

    Did you make any anagrams in it by any chance that talks about the emerging police state? Come on...600 pages---where are the easter eggs?

  • Jeff: Alas, no anagrams or police state references—the secret service made me take them out. However, there is a reference to a Feminist Kung Fu Movie Viewing event in the final chapter which I suspect is code for something. I just don't know what.

    Enjoying Australia? :)

  • Actually, I haven't had a chance to enjoy it yet--I've been too busy writing a book about rss and...wait a sec. That's already been done! Why you lousy son of a...

    Seriously, I'm going back and doing all kinds of things with rss after I perused your ideas. Made me think of the idea of creating a most recent comments rss feed for my sites that I can rig up to google's homepage to keep track of what is going on...anything you want to keep track of when you wake up in the morning, as long as its in rss form you can view everytime you open your browser--or whatever else you would like to rig it up to.

    As for Australia, funny how things work--I just quit my software job to do some contracting work for JWT on fordvehicles.com. We still live in a shitty apartment, but we're moving to a house on the beach in three months--my wife's brother is moving to Japan and we're taking over the place.

    Anyway, for everyone else out there, Les spent a LOT of time writing this book, and even if he didn't put police state references in it, it is still worth reading.