Man, does This Spartan Life ever need--

  1. An RSS feed with video enclosures.
  2. A web site that's not all-Flash.

Because without #1, I could at least scrape #2 to build #1, so as to dump new episodes into my viewing queue automatically. Manual discovery and download of online video are so last century—especially with the advent of the video-playing iPod.

P.S.: I'd like video enclosure feeds for Pure Pwnage, DigitalLifeTV, and The Scene as well. I may get motivated to scrape feeds for these, if I keep up with each of these.

Archived Comments

  • Mmmm, Pure Pwnage good.

    This Spartan Life -- getting kinda tired of the Halo machinima.

  • I think I'm still kind of fresh on the Halo stuff, because I never really bothered watching much Red vs Blue. Also, it was before my Xbox got modded, since I watch all this stuff on the living room TV. I should go back and check out RvB, come to think of it

  • I've built a screen-scraper of sorts for This Spartan Life. It's more than a little hackish right now, though it does work; it's designed to be called from cron. A bit of adaptation should suffice to make it spit out XML that can be piped into your newsreader; I'll get to that after I've fixed some of the more egregious oversights, like adding HTTP 304 recognition.

    I've e-mailed you a copy of version 0.2, in case your interest is piqued.