No time for much in the way of coherent thought expressed, but here are a few stray bullets:

  • "It is the engine that drives itself / But it chooses the uphill climb."
    Yeah, I feel that.

  • Lots of great things happening at work that are demanding cool things from me. But alas, I feel I'm neither at liberty nor at an opportune moment to talk about them. (But, let's just say that I'm glad I wrote that first book.)

  • After a brief pause for the holiday season and for a bit of a shift in focus and format, work on the new book has continued apace. And boy howdy, do I know how Meredith feels.

  • Work is gradually trickling in on FeedMagick. It's in an entirely too-rough-for-comfort state at the moment, but give a shout if it looks interesting to you.

Time for lunch and pizza. See you soon.

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