New iTunes update, v6.0.2. First impression: Apple, get your damn music store out of my personal library. When I use the browsing interface—as I usually do—it takes up a full third of my visible space on this 12" screen. The only saving grace is that at least the store pane disappears when I view my iPod library.

Oh! I just discovered that I can get rid of the pane if I disable the Music Store altogether using the Parental controls under preferences. Well, that's gone now... I guess this impulse-enabling "improvement" was a shot aimed at their own feet: If I ever want to buy from iTMS again, I'll have to go through the trouble to re-enable it.

Archived Comments

  • Like you, I was horrified. But there is a new button along the right bottom of iTunes that hides the dratted quick store window.

  • Just select "Hide MiniStore" from the Edit menu.

  • If you want the less extreme options, there's a button in the bottom right toolbar that disables it, as well as a menu option under the Edit menu.

  • Huh. What do you know? I missed both the button and the Edit menu item and looked for it first under preferences. Eh, I think I'll leave the store disabled. It's been awhile since I last swallowed the DRM and bought a track from there anyway.

  • I think your reaction might have been similar to mine, which was "WTF? Get your ads off my computer! Crap, how do I turn this off? No, not there... not there... ah, that works."

    I didn't turn off the music store though, because it removes the drilldown arrows that take you to a particular artist or album. I use those all the time, although with the help of this tip to make it so I don't have to option-click on them.

    No idea why they turn off a useful library feature when you get rid of the music store though.

  • I discovered that if I turn off the music store in Parental Prefences, then turn it back on again, on its return the obnoxious ministore is not present. (But the edit-menu item may be the optimal route.)