You know, Scuttle is a surprisngly full-featured PHP clone of I say surprisingly because I first downloaded the latest release version from November, played a bit, and was just a bit impressed. Then, I downloaded the CVS version and installed that and got a lot more excited. I'm considering installing a version of it on my server and mirroring my bookmarks to it. Still checking out the other clones I've downloaded and installed, though.

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  • Is there an easy way to keep Scuttle and delicious in sync with each other?

    I love deliciousing pages (as my 3000+ tags will attest) but there's some things I really want to bookmark just for me and not necessarily have streaming out in my tag-feeds. I haven't quite figured out how to do that neatly.

  • Alas, no easy way to sync that I know of yet. I had some notion to use exports in XML from to feed Scuttle's import on a scheduled basis, but that's one-way and a little cumbersome.

  • You mention that you are reviewing other clones. What did you find? Do you have a list of the ones that you looked at and the one you liked best?

  • @Nate Baxley

    A list of clones :